Juneau Artist Gallery

John (Jack) Hermle

Jack was born and raised in Juneau.  Upon high school graduation, his gift was a camera.  From that point on, photography was "his thing".  He studied photography in New York City, then returned to Alaska to work creatively with the wild and beautiful setting that is Southeast Alaska.  

"Many of my photographs are prints made directly from 35mm color slides.  With the direct-to-print method, there is very little, if any, loss in sharpness." 

Most of his more recent photographs of Juneau are done with a relatively large (medium format) camera with a large negative area for fine detail at a distance.  

"Golden Bridge" is a beautiful framed photograph by Jack that retails for $75.  It depicts the "old" Juneau-Douglas bridge that has since been replaced by a newer, more modern one. Many "old timer Juneauites" have fond memories of this bridge from years gone by.   

"I often use a polarizing filter to darken the sky and enhance the cloud formations.  With this filter, greens, reds and other colors are also more vivid."  

Jack is retired from the State of Alaska.  His was a founding member of what is now the Juneau Artist's Gallery, Ltd.  He has photographed weddings, landscapes, and nature.  

He loves photographing the Juneau ice fields.  "I want to do another winter flight over the ice field.  It is more beautiful in the winter - the snow is soft up against the peaks, and there are long shadows.  It's not so stark and contrasting."