Juneau Artist Gallery

Christine Lewis



I believe that being an artist is a journey. And mine began at a very young age. There were several accomplished artists in my family and they were always a great encouragement to me growing up. The beginning of my serious journey to become an artist was in high school when a teacher challenged me to draw a pencil portait. It was quite successful and it wasn't long before I started doing commissions which I continued throughout my college years.

In the 80s my journey started to include color. I decided to give watercolor paint a try but after a while was not completely satisfied with this medium. So in the 90s I began using oil paint, which I much prefer even today. Throughout my years of painting, I had  felt a lack of  passion in my work. My subject matter was usually people or animals. I had always wanted to try landscapes but didn't feel like I understood enough to attempt the process.

My journey took a pivitol turn with advancing digital technology. Free teaching videos were everywhere on line and digital cameras were inexpensive. I purchased a camera and began taking lots of landscape photos. I also began watching videos and teaching myself how to paint the landscape.

Within a very short time I was certain that I had found my true passion, and it was to paint the effects of light on the landscape. Since 2013, I have been blessed to be able to pursue this passion full time.