Juneau Artist Gallery

Devita Stipek Writer

    Painting is my avocation and profession. It's what I believe that I am called to do. I have been painting and sketching Alaska since 1965 when I moved here with my husband, a commercial fisherman. Over the years I have been extremely fortunate in finding acceptance for my work in various venues in Alaska and elsewhere. I am especially happy to have paintings accepted by Juneau Artists Gallery, a jury of over two dozen Alaska artists!

    While studying fine arts in Seattle in the 1960's, I fell in love with oil paints. I love the luminosity, the variety of texture, and permanency. Although I still prefer oils for smaller paintings, I am able to work successfully in acrylics on larger, mural sized paintings.

   Because a painting is my response to the whole environment, I am enticed to work plein air and directly from the subject matter whenever possible.  Even my large scale paintings are usually birthed outdoors. My goal is not to do a literal representation of what I see, but to express my response to a scene while at the same time allowing a certain amount of realism. This particular balance between realism and abstraction is what makes every artist unique. To me each individual stroke of paint has integrity, in and of itself, in the same way each piece of a mosaic exists as an individual shape.

   I find myself attracted to Post Impressionism and more particularly the Fauvists Emil Nolde and Georges Rouault, with whom I share a similar spiritual heritage.  So I postscript this statement, as did some artists of old, “Sole Deo Gloria”. You can read more about my work on my web site http://www.dswriter.com  Thanks for reading this!