Juneau Artist Gallery

Thyes Shaub

Born of a desire to give something back to others, Thyes Shaub started making jewelry for charities and local causes she believed in deeply. She received so many positive comments about her early designs that she decided to start a small jewelry business.

Thyes uses genuine semi-precious stones, high quality lead crystal and glass, Swarovski crystal and freshwater pearls in her creations.

Before pursuing her artistic interests, Thyes had a distinguished career in state government and the stewardship of natural resources. In 1991, she began her own independent lobbying and government consulting business, Shaub & Associates, which she still actively leads. Her work has taken her from the state to national political forefront working on behalf of Alaskans.

My husband Rusty and I came to Alaska in 1975 for what we thought would be a few years. We've been here ever since, said Thyes. Even our children were Made in Alaska.&

Rusty works as a bush pilot while Thyes fills her days and nights sharing her passion for Alaska and Alaskans. Whether it's the art of jewelry or the art of persuasion, Thyes has more to give than ever.