Juneau Artist Gallery

Who We Are

Juneau Artist Gallery is co-operatively run by 23 local artists who display their art and staff the gallery business themselves. The gallery opened its doors in Novemebr 1985 as a new enterprise for the holiday season. The gallery was only opened seasonally for many years. The gallery is now opened for business year-round. 

Becoming A Juneau Artists Gallery (JAG) Member


Overview of Juneau Artist’s Gallery


Juneau Artist’s Gallery Ltd. (JAG) is a CO-OPERATIVE of Juneau artists and artisans.


JAG operates as a for profit corporation that provides member artists a place to show and sell their work.  Members have a dedicated space allocation and arrange their own work as they see fit, they set their own prices, provide their own display materials and share the responsibilities of owning and operating the gallery.


Member responsibilities include:


Becoming a member involves:




Member’s Commitments to JAG


Members are in effect shareholders of the gallery and, as shareholders, share the financial burdens—rent, phones, bankcard service, supplies, advertising, and the like.


The following three basic financial contributions are required of members:





Non-Financial Commitments required of JAG members:



JAG Space Allocation


  Standard Rental Spaces are 80 inches wide and from floor to ceiling for spaces adjacent to gallery walls, displays are limited to 18” in depth with special consideration being given to spaces in corners and odd shaped areas.  There are also a number of “standard” spaces not located adjacent to walls.  These spaces are primarily reserved for 3D artwork and are at a minimum equivalent a half space with some being equivalent to a full space.  


Members may choose to have less than (or more than) a full space allocation depending on available space and seniority of the member.  Currently, members may opt to have as little as a half of a standard space allocation and as much as one and one quarter of a standard space allocation.  Requests for non-standard space allocations are subject to the approval of the “Design Committee” and a vote of the entire membership should a conflict go unresolved.  Non-standard space allocations are subject to availability of space.  All members have one vote in JAG matters regardless of space allocation.


The Gallery has been divided into artist spaces that are subject to rearrangement as artists join and leave the Gallery.  The Design Committee works with the existing members to reallocate spaces and coordinate moves as members join and old members leave JAG.  The Design Committee has been charged by the membership to maximize the rentable space in the Gallery subject to maintaining the overall design and aesthetics of the Gallery.  Space allocation priority is given to the members by seniority subject to Design Committee concurrence.


Applying for Admission

By now, you have likely talked to at least one of our members about the Gallery.  If you wish to apply, the next step is to speak to the Chair of the Membership Selection Committee (MSC) Currently:  Devita Stipek-Writer (907) 957-2758.  She will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The Application link is below. Please fill out the form as best you can.  The MSC will review your application and evaluate it on: Quality of your artwork, Salability of your Artwork, Your availability to JAG, and the Professionalism of your presentation.


When minimum requirements are met, the applicant will be asked to come to an interview, bringing sale ready samples of their work, with 3 members of the MSC.  In this 20- 30 minute interview, the applicant will be asked about their artwork, employment experience, competency in a retail environment, and about themselves in general.  Applicants with positive interviews and completed applications with then have their work juried by the membership.  Allow 2-3 weeks for this process.


If space is currently available in the Gallery, successful applicants will be invited to become a Member of Juneau Artists Gallery.  Unsuccessful applicants will be notified as well.  If display space is not available, the applicant’s name will go onto a waiting list, maintained by the Chair of the MSC until space comes open, then the applicant will be invited to join.  If more than one person is on the waiting list, the members retain the right to choose the type of art most beneficial to the Gallery at the time space opens up.


Successful applicants will be required to complete the final membership paperwork, pay initiation fee and beginning rent.  They will then work with the Design Committee to set up their display in the Gallery.  New members also receive JAG Handbook which includes a copy of the bylaws, current policies and procedures, member lists etc.


As co-owners and representatives of JAG, members are expected to act businesslike and responsibly, maintain courteous and friendly relations with each other and the public, handle and promote other members’ work as they would their own, get to know each other’s work, keep the gallery looking and sounding inviting.


Shop time can be rewarding, even fun—it’s what the artist makes of it.  The co-op encourages artists to bring their projects in to work on, if possible; this tends to draw people’s interest and stimulate conversation with prospective customers.  Whether you’re practicing your art, catching up with paperwork, or doing needed gallery chores between spurts of sales activity, the most important thing is to make those who wander into the Gallery feel welcome, to feel our little Gallery is special! It is.